Top 10 Best Primary Schools in Perth

With several dozens of private and public primary schools in Perth, you have a plethora of options to choose from. On this page, you’ll find the list of top public, private, and Catholic primary schools in Perth.

Perth is the capital and largest city of Western Australia (WA). It is the fourth-largest city in Australia with a population of 2.14 million people. In addition to its population, a large chunk of its residents is of British, Irish, Italian, and Chinese descent. However, as a community where value is held in high esteem; talents are nurtured, developed, and realized, while literacy is the other of the day. Western Australia’s city, Perth has a strict education policy, where primary and secondary education is compulsory between the ages of six and seventeen. Children who fall within this age range must attend primary and secondary school respectively, so as to be fully equipped for Tertiary education through universities and colleges.

With about 602 schools in the city (both Primary and High Schools), it would be agreed that finding the best primary schools in Perth could always be a challenging journey. This is not because there are not as many schools to take in as many pupils as possible, but rather, it’s because finding an ideal school for a child has always been a nightmare for many parents whose child has just reached the primary school age.

Also, while exploring for the perfect primary schools in Perth, it’s important to note that the government, state-owned primary schools command a large proportion of primary schools in the city. While this is true, Perth Catholic schools also account for a fair share of primary schools in the area, followed by a tiny fraction of Private primary schools in Perth. However, over 85 percent of primary schools in Perth are known to be coeducational, with the remaining 15 percent being girls’ schools and boys’ schools.

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With careful consideration of all that’s been said, you’d be forgiven for thinking how easy finding a school for your child will turn out.

Given that majority of government primary schools in Perth are non-denominational; you’d expect schools with affiliation to faiths and religions if opted for Private or Catholic schools. Either way, you are presented with a plethora of options to choose from.

Top 10 Best Primary Schools in Perth

1. Perth Primary School

YEARSKindergarten – 6
TELEPHONE03 6398 2302
ADDRESS181 Fairtlough Street, Perth, TAS, 7300

Perth Primary School is a public, coeducational primary school located in Fairtlough Street, Tasmania, Western Perth. It was founded in 1833 to provide education to the increasing population of the city. Currently, it is one of the oldest continuing schools in the region.

To ensure that students are well taken care of, the school became part of B4 Coalition; an organization that supports high-quality learning and cares for all Tasmanian children from infancy to age 8. Perth Primary School strives to provide students with a learning environment where their talents are nurtured.

While the school offers pupils a plethora of learning opportunities that will equip them properly for the future; it also helps to foster their fluency in foreign languages, such as Chinese. Therefore, students from grades 3 – 6 learn Chinese in lessons. These lessons are usually streamed, live from China through the Internet.

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