Top 10 Best High Schools in Midrand

This article contains the list of the top 10 best public and private high schools in Midrand, Gauteng. The city of Midrand is arguably home to some of South Africa’s most respectable pre-tertiary institutions. In this article, however, you are going to find ten of the leading high schools in Midrand.

With that said, whether you are a foreigner who’s newly relocated to the city, or a citizen, and you are probably looking for an ideal government or an independent secondary school in the town of Midrand, then this article will give you a quick run-through of ten of the best high schools in Midrand. Eventually, you will be able to choose a perfect school for your child without having to spin your head around.

Midrand is an area in central Gauteng Province, South Africa. With a total population of approximately 87,387 people, it is easy to agree that the city of Midrand is relatively small (population-wise) when compared to some of its neighbors in the Gauteng region. Despite accounting for over 55% of Black African’s population, English remains the dominant language in the town of Midrand.

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In a country with a relatively high literacy rate, Midrand is known to have one of South Africa’s most standardized educational system. Even though Midrand is a small town with a little less than 90,000 people, it boasts of possessing some of the best secondary school facilities in the country.

In spite of operating a well funded secondary school’s institutions in the country, it is still difficult for most parents to actually figure out which school would best go down well with their children. It is normal to run into such a dilemma when engulfed with many different options.

Below are ten of Midrand’s leading high schools. These schools include private and public secondary schools and caters to learners from Grade 8 through Grade 12.

Top 10 Best High Schools in Midrand

1. Midrand Christian College

SCHOOL TYPEPrivate School
TUITIONR53 900 – 60 500 per annum
GRADES8 – 12
TELEPHONE+27 11 312 5572/3
ADDRESS75 Seventh Rd, Halfway Gardens, Midrand, 1685

Midrand Christian College was founded in 2009 with the mission to provide quality education to pupils in Midrand and beyond. The College is a co-educational, independent school catering to over half a thousand students. As a College deep-rooted in Christian principles, the school takes pride in nurturing and developing children who adhere to the Christian ethos and shows optimum respect and care for one another.

Midrand Christian College is made up of four different segments. Grade 000 to Grade R (Pre-Reception to Reception); Grade 1 to Grade 3 (Junior Primary); Grade 4 to Grade 7 (Senior Primary); and Grade 8 to Grade 12 (High School).

Midrand College isn’t just another Christian school with loads of Christianity inclined subjects and courses. However, it’s aimed to prepare students to become independent and passionate learners.

Despite the College’s denomination status, application for admission to the school is open to all Christians irrespective of gender or ethnicity.

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